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A Collection Company Is Harassing Me. What Should I Do?

Unfortunately, when people come into debt that they cannot pay, collections agencies have a tendency to get to the point of harassment so they can have those debts repaid. However, under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you do have certain rights, and you certainly don’t need to have harassment from collection companies being experienced for yourself or for your family.

The act protects debtors from any forms of harassment, oppression or abuse by collectors. Collectors are not allowed to threaten any harm against a person physically, or against their reputation and property. They are also not allowed to use any profane language against you or call you excessively with the intent to consistently harass any person that can be reached at that telephone number. In fact, the person calling you must also inform you of their identity to ensure that the person calling you is actually a debt collector and not someone running a scam.

Five days after the first attempt to contact you, the debt collector can send you a written notice outlining how much you owe and to whom, as well as a statement indicating that you do in fact owe this money unless you dispute it and a statement that they will inform you of the contact information of the creditor themselves. It is important for you to know your rights to ensure that you are being treated fairly by debt collectors.

If you find that you are being harassed by collectors even after you’ve told them to stop calling you and they continue to call you, it’s important for you to contact an attorney who can assist you in resolving the circumstances. If you find yourself in a circumstance where the debts are beyond your control, then it’s important to consider your options and discuss those options with your attorney.

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