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Are You Buying a Home? Don’t Skimp on Tests

April 13, 2021

Welcome to the road to buying your new home. This road is fraught with obstacles and hazards that can derail your quest for the home of your dreams. You may be thinking that small issues with a house don’t matter, but it could be a small sign for a huge problem. When you sign the contract, and proceed through the attorney review period, you need to make sure that the house is in shape and you are not going to be blindsided when they keys are handed over. For this reason, you have the right to get a variety of tests and it is imperative that you order ones that could apply to you.

Most people have already heard of the home inspection. It is a must. No one should move on to buying a house without a comprehensive house inspection. The cheaper home inspection may not be the best choice. You get what you pay for in many of these situations. It is important to consider other tests as well.

  • Tank test: Many NJ homes are older. These homes often has an in-ground oil tank that required maintenance or extraction. All too often, people believe this is a non-issue, leading to a future burdened by finding one in a terrible way, including leaking tanks years later. It is in your best interests to pay for a tank sweep of the property.

  • Radon test: New Jersey homes are built on ground that leaks an odorless gas called Radon. When found, a radon mitigation system must be installed in the house at cost to the owner. Before buying a home, pay for a radon test and see if your purchase could include the installation of a mitigation system.

  • Chimney test: Chimneys are great. Bringing warmth to the home and light to the room. Older homes and prefab houses can come with defective chimney flues that can be dangerous. Conducting a level two chimney test can help protect your purchase and negotiate with the seller if the chimney is not up to code.

When buying a home, a little bit of investigation now can help you in the future. If you need an experienced real estate attorney, contact Velasco Law Office.