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Custody & Child Support in New Jersey

April 13, 2021

Custody and child support issues can be two of the most difficult issues to surpass in any divorce or custody/support proceedings. In New Jersey, the courts favor parents that work amicably, with the child’s best interest in mind, when determining any custody and support issues. However, in situations when the parents cannot work together for a favorable solution to their co-parenting obligations, the courts may intervene and adjudicate an agreement that has the child’s best interest at its core, which includes custody and financial support.


In New Jersey, the courts should give both the mother and father of the child the same consideration when determining the custody arrangement for the child. The court may decide on whether a joint or sole custody arrangement works best. In order to do so, the court may consider a child’s age, health, parental roles, and the needs of any other children from the relationship. The court may also consider a child’s wishes if she/he is able to articulate them and if the child is old enough.


In New Jersey, the courts use the “Income Shares Model” to determine child support. With this model, each parent’s income is considered proportionately. The calculated support amounts can determine which parent should receive the support and which should pay the support. The goal in calculating support is to try and maintain the correct proportion of support from each parent to meet the needs of the child.

Although the Income Shares Model should be used to determine the support requirement, sometimes the courts can implement a different standard. In order to adopt a different standard, there should be clear definition of the parents’ financial obligations and how using a different standard could be of a greater benefit to the child. Effective February 1, 2017, the paying parent will be required to pay his or her obligation until the statutory age of termination which is 19 years old.

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