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Debunking Myths About Prenuptial Agreements

April 13, 2021

Despite the negative stigma that surrounds a prenuptial agreement, they can be of tremendous help to anyone who wishes to protect their assets prior to entering into a marriage. There are many myths regarding prenuptial agreements that are simply untrue. Many people who see past the myths surrounding prenuptial agreements and choose to execute them are happy they have them. Some of these falsities include:

  • “Prenuptial agreements mean you can’t have a successful marriage.” There is no truth to this at all. If both parties understand that it is just a document used to protect assets in the event that the marriage doesn’t work out, they can be very successful. If the marriage does fail, it likely has nothing to do with the agreement but it does make the divorce much easier to finalize.

  • “Prenuptial agreements are only for the insanely wealthy.” This is also not true at all. Sure, if you have a lot of assets you may definitely want to consider a prenuptial agreement but there is nothing that states anyone can’t get one. It is an important document to consider no matter the number of assets you have prior to the marriage.

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