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Divorce Rates Fall with Holiday Season

April 13, 2021

An interesting trend in regards to divorce is that the number of divorces rise and fall depending on which time of year it is. Some situations are no surprise while others may make you think. As we enter into the holiday season, divorce rates typically fall amongst those couples who have children together.

Of course, many parents want to stay together until after Thanksgiving and Christmas are over because they don’t want these special times that revolve around the family to be ruined for the children. Therefore, divorce rates tend to pick up again after the holidays are over. Another interesting trend is that many parents will wait until the end of summer vacation and into the beginning of the new school year to get divorced. Since children are home a lot of the time during the summer and that is when many family vacations take place, parents will wait until their children are busy with school.

Research shows that the two most common times to file for divorce are in March and August. March may sound surprising but it is often after children are out of school for spring break, which is another popular time for family vacations.

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