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For Sale by Owner Transactions In NJ

April 13, 2021

When an individual in New Jersey wishes to sell their home, sometimes they decide that they don’t want to list it through a real estate agency. Selling one’s home on their own can be difficult so it is important to be aware of a few things. One of the most important things that an individual should be aware of if they wish to sell their home without the help of a real estate agent is that they must remove their emotions from the home before setting a price or dealing with negotiations. This is so important because often, FSBO homes are listed too high due to the owner’s emotional attachment to the home that prospective buyers don’t actually think adds any value. The home has to be listed at a price that it is truly worth, otherwise, it may not sell as quickly.

It is also important to be aware that just because the seller doesn’t have realtor representation, many of the prospective buyers do. It is also a good idea to put effort into marketing the home. It may be a good idea to hire a real estate photographer to take pictures that put your home in the best light so if it is posted online, it will attract more buyers.

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