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What Should I Know About Uncontested Divorce in New Jersey?

April 13, 2021

As unfortunate as it is, not all marriages work out. Divorce can seem incredibly overwhelming and stressful, especially when the married couple has children together. However, it may ease the stress for some to know that divorces don’t actually have to take place in a courtroom. In some situations, it may be better for a couple to have a judge make decisions for them about their divorce because they can not communicate effectively enough to make these difficult decisions themselves. However, some couples go into a divorce in complete or near-complete agreement about what they want to do with their assets and the child custody arrangement. This type of situation is known as an uncontested divorce.

Uncontested divorces are usually much simpler than contested divorces, where the spouses insist on fighting each other every step of the way because neither of them are willing to compromise. Any type of divorce is a highly emotional process but it is always simpler when the couple comes in with a good idea of what they both agree should be the outcome of the divorce. For example, perhaps the couple has decided it is in the best interest of the custodial parent to keep the marital household so the children don’t have to leave the home they are comfortable living in. Of course, everyone’s situation is different. The fewer assets a couple has, the less there is to divide during equitable distribution. If the couple was not married for a very long time and does not have a lot of assets or any children, they have a better chance of having a quicker divorce than a couple who was married for 25 years and still has minor children.

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