What You Need to Know About Protecting Sentimental Assets in Your Estate Plan

Everyone must create a comprehensive estate plan in their lifetime. Generally, when we think of estate planning, we think of addressing what will happen with certain types of property after we pass on, such as a home. Though wills and trusts generally address critical financial-based assets, the truth is, they…
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What You Need to Know About Powers of Attorney in New Jersey

There are few things more important in life than planning for the road ahead. Our firm understands this, which is why we have dedicated our practice to helping individuals throughout the state of New Jersey craft comprehensive estate plans that are tailor-fit to their needs. One of the most important…
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What You Should Know About Preparing Your Digital Estate

We now live in the digital age, which is why, while planning your estate, you now must take all of your digital assets into account to ensure your estate plan is all-encompassing. We know how confusing the estate planning process sometimes is, which is why we have dedicated our practice…
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Important Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Estate Planning Attorney

There are few things more important in life than creating a comprehensive estate plan to ensure your assets are handled as you would have wished after your passing. That is why when searching for an estate planning attorney, you must ask yourself several questions before hiring one. Some of the…
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Life Insurance and Estate Planning: What You Need to Know

We all hear about life insurance on a daily basis. We know having life insurance is important, however, many of us do not know what it truly does, and how important it truly is. While purchasing life insurance may seem like a daunting task, with the assistance of an experienced…
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5 Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

Estate planning is a critical, yet complicated aspect of life. Everyone must have an estate plan, and most people do, however, if you create your estate plan alone, you set yourself up for several potential mistakes. Please continue reading to learn more about the 5 most common estate planning mistakes,…
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Am I Allowed to Keep my Deceased Spouse’s Stimulus Check?

Recently, the U.S. government passed a $2 trillion stimulus package to help ease the financial burden of the new coronavirus on Americans who run businesses, lost their jobs, or who are otherwise feeling the impact of the virus. There are various programs implemented within the $2 trillion stimulus package, however,…
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Why You Must Create a Digital Estate Plan in 2020

We are currently living in uncertain times. This serves as a reminder to us all that creating a comprehensive estate plan is of paramount importance. Today, we will take a look at the digital side of estate planning. In 2020, almost all of us have a computer, cell phone, or…
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Why Estate Planning For Uncertain Times is so Important

In uncertain times like these, we are reminded of the importance of creating a comprehensive estate plan. Please continue reading and reach out to our experienced New Jersey attorney to learn more about some of the key aspects of estate planning. Here are some of the questions you may have:…
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