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Estate Planning in New Jersey

Thinking about the future isn’t always easy. When an individual wishes to obtain peace of mind regarding their estate when they are no longer with us, they should create a comprehensive estate plan. Though planning one’s estate can be emotional, it allows an individual to dictate exactly how they would like their estate handled. It is crucial to create an estate plan that allows the individual to take control over the future of their assets after they are gone.

One of the most important parts of any estate plan is the creation of a will. A will allows an individual to indicate exactly who they want each of their assets to be inherited by. When creating a will, it is crucial to ensure that it is valid in the eyes of the state. In addition, a will is an evolving document that may need to be updated over time to reflect the current assets and relationships in one’s life.

Wills are not the only part of a comprehensive estate plan. It is also important to include healthcare directives for end of life care, trusts to ensure assets are appropriately passed to beneficiaries, and power of attorney to appoint a trusted person to handle important matters in the event that the individual no longer can.

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