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Guiding New Jersey Clients Through Estate Planning and Administration

Velasco Law Office is honored to serve clients from New Jersey regarding wills, trusts, and estates. We understand how hard it may be to consider what happens after you are gone but we fully believe that estate planning is one of the most important steps one can take for themselves and the loved ones they will leave behind. Equipped with testamentary documents, including wills and trusts, you can ensure that your vision of what will become of your estate comes to fruition. Not only can you ease your stress of what will happen to your possessions, but you can also ease the stress of your family. For them, knowing your wishes can help them focus on healing. If you need an attorney to guide you through the estate planning process or help a loved one administer your estate, contact Velasco Law Office for a consultation today.

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a very important step in one’s life. It is the process of establishing directions for how one wants their estate handled. Through testamentary documents, one can detail how to distribute their assets and property after they pass and how to care for them if they cannot care for themselves during their last moments. Though the process may be difficult to consider, you probably have a vision of how you want to be treated at the end of your days and how you want your property handled when you are gone.

Estate Administration

You probably have a vision of what will happen to your property after you are gone. Many of your wishes will not come to fruition without a will. Without a valid will, the court will decide how your assets are distributed. If you do have a will, pick an executor that you trust will carry out your wishes and ensure that your goals are met. The executor will have many responsibilities when administering your estate, including bringing a will to probate, gathering and distributing assets, and paying off debts and taxes. It is important that an estate administrator has the legal support necessary to navigate the complex matter of estate administration.

Security for Tomorrow

Wills & Trusts

A testamentary document is executed to declare your wishes for the future. Whether it is a living will to declare how you want your end of life care to proceed or a will and trust to declare how to handle your estate while you are gone, testamentary documents allow a person to establish clear instructions for those who are left to handle the outstanding legal and financial decisions. Furthermore, testamentary documents relieve some of the stress a family is already enduring mourning a loss. Wills and trusts are testamentary documents that should be executed to affirm your vision of what should happen with your estate and what assets should be left to whom.


The passing of a loved one is a sad and emotional experience. Estate administration can add stress to an already trying time in one’s life. The process of probate can burden loved ones with the undue stress of having to juggle complex legal and financial issues while trying to focus on healing, especially for the one asked to act as executor of the will. If you are asked to act as the executor of a will, you should have an effective and compassionate will, trust, and estate attorney to guide you through your legal responsibilities when bringing a will to probate.

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Estate planning and administration processes require the help of an experienced attorney. Attorney Velasco understands that estate planning can be emotional to consider but is here to serve your best interests and help you prepare for the unexpected. Additionally, if you have recently lost a loved one and need help with estate administration, we are here to assist you so you can focus on your family during this difficult time. For quality legal representation when you need it most, contact Velasco Law Office today.