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What Are Credit Counseling Courses?

Prior to filing bankruptcy, you will need to take a credit counseling course. The credit counseling course is generally taken over the Internet, in person, or over the phone. Once you do the credit counseling course itself, you will need to speak with a counselor regarding your particular circumstances. The whole process takes somewhere between an hour to two hours and can be done in your language, whether it be English, Spanish, or some other language. Once you’ve done the filing of the bankruptcy, you’ll also need to do what’s called a credit education course. The credit education course is very similar to the credit counseling except it’s a little more detailed and will take closer to two hours to complete. Without those two courses, you won’t be able to have your discharge in place for the bankruptcy.

These courses are very important to take in the event that you have to file for bankruptcy because unfortunately, your credit suffers as a result. Filing for bankruptcy can be a difficult decision as a result of what happens to your credit but if you continue to do what the credit counseling courses advise, you may be able to learn how to raise your credit and ensure that you will not have to file for bankruptcy again. If you have any further questions or concerns about filing for bankruptcy and the required courses to take before you do so, seek legal counsel from an experienced attorney who would be happy to assist you during this time of financial difficulty.

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