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What Are the Different Types of Adoption Available in New Jersey?

One of the most fulfilling parts of an attorney’s job is assisting families who are seeking to adopt a child. Adopting is an exciting and rewarding huge step, which is why our attorneys are honored to help New Jersey parents give a child the home they always wanted. While adoption is a beautiful thing, you should note that it is also sometimes a complicated process. This is where a compassionate and knowledgeable attorney comes in. He or she will help you every step of the way, including helping you decide which type of adoption is best for you. If you are curious about the various types of adoption available to New Jersey parents, please read on.

  • Domestic Adoption: This is when a U.S. resident adopts a child who was also born and lives in the U.S. An open domestic adoption is when the child’s biological parents consent to the adoption of their child and have ongoing contact with the child and his or her adoptive family.

  • International Adoption: This is when you adopt a child that lives in another country. This process requires you travel to your adoptive child’s home country, potentially several times.

  • LGBT Adoption: In New Jersey, LGBT couples are allowed to adopt children. Though this is not the case everywhere in the U.S., fortunately, it is here.

  • Second-Parent Adoption: This is when a same-sex parent adopts his or her biological or adoptive child without terminating the first parent’s legal status as a parent.

  • Private Adoption: Generally, you will avoid adoption agencies when you choose to adopt a child privately. Those who are adopting a child they already know or are adopting through a child’s biological parent usually consider a private adoption.

  • Step-Parent Adoption: This is for a step-parent who wishes to adopt the child of his or her spouse. Additionally, if a child’s biological parent is found guilty of child abuse or neglect, his or her rights as a parent may be terminated, warranting a step-parent adoption.

  • Adult Adoption: Adult adoption exists between two or more adults, and primarily focuses on transferring inheritance rights and/or filiation.

Very often, when you adopt a child, you will have to participate in training courses, background checks, home visits and inspections, interviews, and more. This is stressful for some couples, but hiring an experienced attorney can help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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