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What Is the Role of A Real Estate Attorney?

Many people who are looking into buying a home wonder whether it is necessary for them to hire a real estate attorney to assist them in the process. A real estate attorney is a very important part of any real estate transaction to ensure that there are no setbacks in the process that can negatively impact the purchase.

In New Jersey, a real estate attorney is required to review the contract between the buyer and the seller before it is officially submitted. Both the buyer and the seller need to have the contract go through the three-day attorney review process with their own respective attorneys. Each attorney will revise the contract and modify the issues that they believe should be changed to better suit their client. After both sides have negotiated and come to an agreement, they will sign the new contract. The contract will only become binding if the final addendum is also signed by each party.

An attorney will also have the responsibility of looking in to the title of the house to make sure there are no liens on the house, and if there are, they are satisfied by the seller. There are a number of reasons that it is important to retain the services of an experienced real estate attorney when buying or selling property. Contact an experienced real estate attorney today hwo can provide you with assistance.

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