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What Should I Look for In My Final Walk-Through?

When people are about to close on their new home, they are very often excited, and understandably so. Buying a home is a new chapter in life, and the possibilities that lie ahead are endless. However, despite all your excitement, you must take a deep breath and ensure your house is everything you want and need before you sign a final agreement. Before you sign all documents that make the sale official, you will conduct a final inspection of your prospective home, known as a final walk-through. In this walk-through, you will ensure everything is in working order and meets your standards. Some of the most important things you will check for are as follows:

  • Cleanliness: When you purchase a home, there is a good chance your sale contract will detail exactly what condition your home should be in. Generally, when people sell a home, they should vacuum, clean the floors, and more before the final agreements are signed. Sellers should clean their homes to their standards, at the very least.

  • Missing property: If you negotiated for certain pieces of personal property, such as a refrigerator, you must check to ensure this property is there during your final walk-through. Sometimes, sellers will either forget to leave this property behind or flat out change their minds. This is why you must bring a copy of your personal property agreement to ensure everything is as it should be.

  • Left-behind items: Very often, sellers will think they are doing you a favor by leaving certain things behind, such as extra tools, however, you may not want these items. You should not have to be burdened with disposing of unwanted “junk,” so this is something you must consider when making your final walk-through.

  • Appliances are functioning: When you find a defective appliance advertised as in working condition, you will most likely want that taken care of prior to finalizing your agreement. For example, you should ensure all stove burners, refrigerators, dishwashers, washers & dryers are all in working order before signing any final agreements.

  • All negotiated repairs have been made: Very often, buyers will request the seller fix certain issues before closing on the house in the terms of their contract. For example, if a seller agrees to fix a malfunctioning garage door, you will expect that he or she will do so. Unfortunately, these people may sometimes either forget to make these repairs or will try and get away with ignoring them altogether.

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