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What’s a Termite Inspection and Is It Necessary?


The home inspection process can help home buyers spot potential issues with their prospective new home. The home inspection process looks for the overall health of the home, i.e. making sure the foundation is intact, that there are no structural issues, and it can even identify insect infestations. One important inspection that buyers should move forward with is a termite inspection. Although a termite inspection may or may not be required by your lender, having your home inspected for termites can help you avoid potential issues and unnecessary costs.

Since termites can wreak quite a bit of havoc on a home, and cost a home owner a lot of money, it’s a good idea to move forward with a termite inspection. A termite infestation can signal a real problem and danger with the home. If a termite inspection reveals that there was damage from the past, the seller should provide documentation to the buyer to prove that termite problem was treated at the time it existed. Conversely, if a home inspector finds that there is current termite damage to the home, a buyer may be able to request that the seller treat the termite problem. However, if the seller refuses to treat the termites and fix any damage, a buyer may have the opportunity to cancel the purchase contract.


In most cases, home inspectors are certified and/or trained to inspect a home for termites and any termite damage. You should make sure to review the credentials and qualifications of any inspector you choose to inspect your prospective home.

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